STARs and SIDs

Hello guys, I wanted to know something, I read a post from 2015 saying that STARs and SIDs are not in Infinite Flight, but a lot has changed since then, have they been added? If not can I use them anyway in some other way? I think if learn to use them the experience can be more realistic and help ATC manage traffic a little better. I’ll appreciate any information, thanks!

Hi, you still can not enter SID and STAR in IF. But many fixes have been added since, and if you have the fixes of a certain SID or STAR you could use it. Simbrief can use SID and STAR and give you a FP with just the fixes which you can past in IF.

In the USA, the Nav data is updated monthly from the FAA database. Two years ago there was spotty coverage and a lot of LAT/LONGs were needed. Now, every waypoint IN THE USA (and thus every procedure) is in and updated. The Nav team is still working hard on overseas data outside the USA as well!

Create your flight plan with FPLtoIF and you can enter them in to creat your fpl

Thanks guys! I’ll read carefully later as now apparently mom mom asked me about US slave history lol

Have a read of this topic and join in where we are discussing the same subject…

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