STARs and Approaches - both lead to the airport!

Hey! So I tried out the new STARs and Approaches feature at VABB. Coming in from VIDP from the north, I selected the IGBAN STAR but the last point on the STAR was the airport itself - VABB. I then programmed in an ILS approach (I27) with an appropriate transition, but that last point on my STAR (the airport itself) stayed there, making me go right to the airport and then fly outbound again.
I tried deleting the airport VABB from the STAR, but it lost the STAR “section” on the flight plan (aka the “IGBAN STAR” label), making it look like just another old flight plan.

As far as I know, most STARs lead to the vicinity of the airport, not the airport itself.

Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Or am I doing something wrong here?

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Thank you! Didn’t know why I didn’t see that in #support
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Your right, they do lead to the airport but you have to programthe arrival transition to get you all the way to the runway.

I did that. Still put me all the way to the airport. Apparently it’s a bug.

When entering this info in, I found that you still need to enter any intermediate information, procedures, and waypoints between the arrivals and approach paths. I tried this at KORD today and it wasn’t the best!

Not gonna lie, I may not use SID-STARs because FPL2IF does it automatically.

Also, love how you used VABB. I’m from Mumbai, so it’s my 2nd home airport! Cheers from Chicago! 😁

I did that too. You’re expected to enter the enroute info yourself. IF doesn’t yet support airways, which isn’t that big of a deal for me tbh.
My only issue is with this STAR-ending-in-airport bug, and I didn’t know that it existed. It messes with my final approach. Hope they solve it soon!

Also, I’m from Mumbai too, that’s why I chose VABB, hello from Los Angeles!