Starman at cruise altitude

Photo credit to Space X. Thought you all would like to see the final pic taken before the camera battery died. What a shot!


How lonely we are in the universe…

It’s incredibly humbling to see that the world we’ve always known is a ball of floating rock in the midst of vast space… less than a speck in the entirety of the cosmos. It’d be an awfully big waste of space if we were the only lifeforms out there…


You would think with a car ment to have a massive battery they could keep the camera alive a little longer, still cool though


Also a little over exposed😄

Woah looks so amazing

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My thought exactly… they should’ve invested some of that solar tech they have so we could watch this journey for years.

Didn’t someone mention though the car is gonna miss mars’s orbit? Would be awesome to see more of space other than the rocks on mars from rover.


Million dollar rocket that’s supposed to orbit us, they couldn’t hook up the camera to the main power…
Cool picture though love what spaceX is doing to the air&space industry!

Yep, going to Ceres. Sure beats the normal NASA test payload of “concrete “. How boring is that?


This planet is so boring we have now resorted to shooting random things off into space. Next there going to blow a Cessna 172 into space just for fun.


Now that would be interesting, since it wouldn’t even make a sound…


My guess…vehicle had main battery removed for weight and balance.

Everything about the Falcon Heavy and the Tesla in space is very cool.
The flat earth believers really had a bad day with all the pictures debunking their madness!

I’m sure most of you have seen this, but if not, here is the YouTube stream of Starman after launch. Over 4 hours of the nicest space video I’ve ever seen:


This in my opinion marks the ignition to man’s flame in space. The invention of interplanetary colonization. Future generations would come to see this rather absurd payload as a remarkable impact on human spaceflight history. I honestly cannot bear to wait much longer to see us harness the limit and beyond for our knowledge of technology and most importantly, the ability to live and adapt to new environments.


Imagine being so rich that you can shoot a car into space for no good reason. Well played, Elon Musk, well played.


I know the star man videos aren’t live, but we can always watch live video from the ISS. It’s really cool to watch a couple hours before and after a docking/undocking.

This is too funny man.

You realise how hard it would be to make years of CGI? I’m just kidding

Shame they couldn’t have it last longer though.


They should have had a small solar panel attached to the camera with a rechargable battery.


I mean if they are able to continuously play the song “Is There Life On Mars” then the camera probably should have been hooked up to that battery that will last a lifetime with the radio 😂

“DON’T PANIC!” is by far the best part.