Starlux Applies for 15 routes to North America

Starlux is a great carrier, and I say this because their flights has bene nothing short of excellent. That said, in my humble opinion, this may be a little too ambitious given current economic and public health issues which the entire world is facing. Nonetheless, I hope that if they do launch these routes that they are successful. They are a great carrier to fly on and I would happily fly their routes more in future.

That’s true about Cathay and TPE.

As for China Airlines at ONT, I don’t think they were losing money. In 2018, they downgauged the route from the 777-300ER to the A350 which is about a 50 seat reduction. In late-2019, they returned to the 777-300ER.

Also, ONT was probably giving them heavy incentives for a long-haul route like that.

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Ontario to Taipei actually did pretty well until covid hit, and in their “1 year anniversary” (of the route) press release, they stated they averaged 14,000 passengers a month. Last year, they also added additional capacity by switching from a 4-weekly 777 to a daily A350.

Of course air travel will be very different now and it’s possible we’ll see long hauls to smaller airports get cut, but Ontario-Taipei is definitely on the list of a route that has the potential to do well (with the right airline partners and connections).

SJC also was booming before covid hit, with a daily flight to Japan and London, and a couple weekly service to China. It caters mainly to business travelers, and since Taipei is a technology capital, it’s also something that has the potential to do well.

Oh, and since China Airlines is a government owned airline, if they were losing money, the government would subsidize CI to continue to operate that route, so overseas Taiwanese people can easily travel between Taiwan and the US. And since JX is a privately owned airline, I am not sure if it would be part of their network for a long time.

I think Taipei-Miami has quite a lot of potential given Florida has been waiting for so long for service to East Asia. It’s stated that the Miami airport director did speak to the Taiwanese president back in 2018 for service possibility when she connected via Miami for Panama.

Nah China Airlines was booming. They started with the A350 but had to use the larger 777. It was only three days a week then it turned into seven days a week and there was even talk of a second flight

I mean… technically they can fly to DCA… Vietnam Airlines did it with their very first 787-9… and Boeing did it to test their new 787-8’s maneuverability. I will hope to see them at IAD since that is what they most likely meant. I don’t believe Taipei and Washington, DC have been connected before. That’ll be exciting!

Oh my god my brain

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I mean in theory the A321XLR could land there when they get that. It would need a gas stop in perhaps Anchorage or Seattle, but it’s not the most infeasible thing ever. They would also definitely need to apply for an outside the bubble flight. That is also all to ignore that DCA has no customs though. So ya, definitely an error 😂


Um sir, what?

Ok, wait, crazy theory. They are flying the route but flying it as Tepi-Anchorage-DCA with a gas and customs stop in Anchorage.

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OK, we all know this one’s not happening, DCA doesn’t allow international flights. They only have two exceptions and that’s to Toronto and Montreal on Air Canada.

OK, I’m excited for this one now. Maybe… I just don’t see a flight to Miami because that’s really really far, but if that happens… That will definitely be my go to flight to Asia when I go

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One mile at a time had a really nice paragraph about why so many airports from one city are on the list. I’ll summarize

The airline did not decide which major city airport they want to fly to (SJC/SFO, JFK/EWR, ONT/LAX). Because they only put in a petition to allowed these routes, they didn’t guarantee them, therefore, they wouldn’t disappoint us avgeeks when they confirm a route, then don’t fly it

And Ottowa and Calgary (formerly) and San Juan and San Salvador (formerly) and Bermuda. And American Eagle serves Toronto as well

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But those aren’t even really exceptions because you clear customs before departure from those destinations. San Juan is also in the US so definitely not an exception 😂

I can confirm this - I’ve been to Ontario Airport, specifically the China Airlines desk, and there are A LOT of people…

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If Starlux operates their A350’s to SJC :)


I aspire to pilot the A350, and my home airport is SJC and SFO… man that would be amazing to get an A350 at SJC!!! :)

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I can definitely see starlux coming to SEA


It’s true. In fact, most Chinese people living in the Bay Area are from present-day Guangdong, and most ‘Chinese’ people living in the LA Area are from Taiwan, including myself (even if I moved back to TW).