Starlux Applies for 15 routes to North America

Hey there! Starlux has announced the application for 15 routes to North America! These will be operated by the A350-900, A350-1000, and A330neo. They are destined to begin in 2022, my personal favorite is to ONT from Taiwan! China Airlines already operates this route (temporarily paused) and Starlux will bring some competition! Maybe EVA will join in also. This route is operated by the 777 for China Airlines, so I expect Starlux will operate the A350-1000 or maybe twice a day on the A330neo. Starlux intends to bring premium service on these routes, ONT is already pretty premium on China Airlines so they must bring their A game to compete! ONT is also building an international terminal so expansion with multiple flights a day is quite possible.

Here are the routes!


Some are obviously backups. But some like LAX and ONT, SFO and SJC, and potentially JFK and EWR could be operated together but I would suspect that EWR or JFK will be cut in favor of the other one.

Let me know what you think below!

Heres where I got the info from:


DCA is going to be interesting, Sad that I don’t see LAS here 😂

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Yeah, I lost faith in Airways Mag a few months ago. Obviously they won’t fly to DCA for obvious reasons.

I’m personally hoping for Starlux to join Oneworld and launch a partnership with Alaska and American. It honestly makes sense considering EVA’s with Star Alliance and China Airlines is with SkyTeam.

I’m really hoping they launch TPE to Dallas since I’m pretty sure Taipei is DFW’s number 1 unserved destination in East Asia with a fair amount of existing demand.


I was about to say - good luck getting a long haul aircraft into DCA - but that’s clearly a typo and they meant to put IAD.


Would be very cool if they chose ONT and SJC, since both are next to major airports that have multiple daily flights to Taipei (and Ontario has a China Airlines flight there directly). In peak season there are up to 6 or 7 SFO-TPE flights all with the 777, so there’s definitely a lot of demand for it. With Taipei being a technology capital, it’s definitely possible they’ll begin flights to SJC.

I’m interested in the TPE-MIA service. Which I believe will be the first direct flight from Taipei to Miami.

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Guys. Don’t worry about DCA. They’ll get some casual server pilots. Don’t underestimate them.


TPE-MIA is a longgg flight


Nah, ONT is going to be a failure for them. Just like it was a failure to China Airlines. They were losing money on that route. I guess SJC might too.

Also @BigBert10 there is a Taiwanese airline coming to your home airport.

Also @Ishrion if they join Oneworld, Cathay will have to start worrying about competition with StarLux since TPE is like a secondary hub to them.

This is going to be very interesting! I would love an SJC-TPE route!

But it could be Costa Rica though.
But Costa Rica is C. America. And TPE-SJO is very unlikely.

Nope. I read and it is San Jose, California, United States

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They code the IATA code wrong.

Who is they

Airlines Magazine.

Yeah so it was a typo

Btw, Costa Rica is not in North America

Technically it is, but let’s not get off topic.

Well, it was a typo
I just gave you 3 sources that say they are planning routes in the United States. It would be weird if they gave a bunch of potential US destinations and then one outlying Costa Rica destination.

So they mean San Jose, CA (SJC/KSJC)

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I wonder why would they fly to SJC when they already have TPE-SFO planned. Also, unlike ONT, there isn’t overseas Taiwanese living in/near SJC.

They have their decisions. I didn’t expect an airline like BA or ANA to fly to SJC pre-COVID

Plus, the SJC area is extremely diverse, and TPE could be used as a connection to other Asian destinations

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