STARLUX Airlines: Taiwan's Amazing Start-Up Airline

If you haven’t heard of STARLUX Airlines, this is a new airline based in Taipei, Taiwan and is planning on launching flights in January 2020 to Da Nang, Macau, and Penang.

The airline recently took delivery of its first aircraft, an A321neo, and has 9 more on order.

(Image by Airbus)

(STARLUX’s A321neo lie-flat business class & economy class)

Additionally, they have 9 A350-900s and 8 A350-1000s on order with intentions on launching flights to Europe and the United States.

(Image by Airbus/STARLUX)

If I remember correctly, this airline was founded because STARLUX’s CEO’s brother kicked him out of Taiwanese airline EVA Air’s management.

And just today, they released their new safety video, which I absolutely love:

The animation is beautiful, and I don’t believe any other airline has adapted a style similar to this.

Truthfully, I’m very excited for this start-up airline. This airline actually seems to know what they’re doing, unlike previous start-up carriers that went bust in a short time.

What do you think of STARLUX? If you live in/travel through Taipei, will you fly on them?


The airline industry now as we know it is ruthless and unforgiving, lets hope Starlux can stick around for some time.


To be honest, I think there wouldn’t be a lot of people flying with the airline, as most people I met said that they would just stick with China Airlines and EVA Air as they have been acquiring miles and getting statuses from those airlines.

@TaipeiGuru Thoughts??

But you have to remember that the success of EVA is becoz of the efforts paid by K.W. Chang. I would definitely fly Starlux when they start operating.

Looks nice

Now I’ll remember not to kick my brother out of management


That’s why there are status match programs. I’m sure Starlux will take those loyal customers of China Airlines and EVA into consideration.

I know both skyteam and Star Alliance has been represented by the 2 existing carrier maybe StarLux would join OneWorld to make the 3 alliance represented in the region. What do you guys think?

My guess is that StarLux will stay unaffiliated for a while to ensure that operations are running smoothly. It seems like an interesting concept, but there have been many cases of small start-up airlines being forgotten because passengers don’t give them enough attention. I would say this will be especially hard for StarLux considering that CI and BR dominate Taiwanese air travel.

Overall, I’m intrigued by this new airline, and will probably check them out next time I visit Taipei. Their A350 livery does look very nice. :)


As an American with United Status I would only fly them if their prices were lower than Uniteds to Taiwan. This probably won’t happen so I wouldn’t fly them but if I decided to spend some extra money to get a nicer flight quite possibly could fly them.

oh yeah i used it on guess that airline and plane very good and when i go to the page

it looks great it was a camera at first then becomes an airline

I love their livery looks pretty slick

Wow. I would fly them. Also, even though its kind of eurowhite I will let it off because I freaking love that color blend.

Hell yeah! If Starlux is as good as it seems, it could really become a profitable and amazing new airline.

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