Starlux Airlines Orders The Airbus A330neo

Starlux Airlines is Airbus’ latest A330neo customer

Despite plummeting travel demand and Starlux Airlines temporarily suspending operations earlier this year, the airline has just confirmed an order for 8 Airbus A330neos that will be leased from Air Lease Corporation.

At the moment, details and timeframes are unclear, but according to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, Starlux will take delivery of its first A330-900neo in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Additionally, while it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Starlux is set to order three more A321neos and one more A350-900.

By 2024, Starlux expects to take delivery of all aircraft currently on order (including the unconfirmed additions), so their fleet will consist of the following:

  • 13 A321neos (3 in fleet, fourth by October)
  • 8 A330-900neos
  • 10 A350-900s
  • 8 A350-1000s


Apple Daily:
Airbus’ confirmation:

Congrats to Airbus and Starlux on this order. Starlux just began flying in January 2020 and they already have ambitious plans with 26 widebody aircraft on order. Hopefully this goes well for them.


Well, this would be the first A330neo order in East Asia, I guess?


Is Starlux an Asia airline?

Based in Taiwan

Thanks for the information

I would love to see this Airline get dreamliners. The livery would look incredible


I think Starlux is aiming to have an all-Airbus fleet just like Delta.

What do you mean just like Delta? Delta has 737’s and 777’s

Delta’s saying bye-bye to the 777-200ERs and replacing them with A350s, not sure about their 737s.

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I knew they were gonna retire the 777’s. I doubt they will ever get rid of their 737’s anytime soon. They have tons of them

If your taking about the Delta B737-700’s, Delta is planning on retiring those

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Yep, looks like it.

For now Delta has a lot of Boeing aircraft, but they have no more Boeing aircraft on order and they’re going be phasing out the 757s/767s within a few years and the 737-700s/777s will be gone this year.

As for Starlux, they’re technically already pure-Airbus, but who knows if they stray for some Boeing aircraft.

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I’m glad more airlines are buying A330neo. It’s such an underrated aircraft.

Great post as always!

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What do you mean by East Asia? I thought Air Asia would be the first

Doesn’t their plan seem a bit ambitious? They plan on adding 36 new aircrafts, including wide bodies, in 4 years… Especially during COVID-19, it’ll be interesting to see how the airline continues

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Maybe a little too ambitious??? We all now what happens when airlines expand too rapidly…


This is…interesting but we’ll see.

If we’re going with the “East Asia” region as China, Taiwan, Mongolia, South Korea, North Korea, and Japan, then Starlux is the first East Asian airline to operate the A330neo.

Yup. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s sufficient demand for three long-haul Taiwanese carriers.


Not at all, the CEO of Starlux is the former CEO of EVA AIR, which helped EVA to gain the 5 star skytrax, ordered 787 & even signed the contract w Sanrio Co. to operate the Hello Kitty flight. He believe he will operate Starlux into a well-known luxury brand just as he managed EVA before.

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Air Asia is based in Malaysia, which is a Southeast Asian country @Q-ENAN.

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