Starlux Airlines A330-900neo

I saw check of the internet, Google information about the company for Starlux Airlines is home in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s a new brand Starlux Airlines provided is an Airbus A330-900neo (8) series an order with Air Lease Corporation (ALC) will only a very long haul international. It’s a very nice also feel comfortable more during passengers is a beautiful seating on the plane!

Credit Photo N/A from the internet the info.

Yes, I know about on the internet for Wiki also input Starlux Airlines is not listed yet since they will added list request soon.

Welcome to IFC, Have a good day the game on IF have fun!

At the end of the 21.4 update trailer they said the a330 neo will come in ‘future update’. So this livery may come to the sim


Oh yes, I see, that’s a good new game in the future! ;-). Hope.

Supposedly they plan to fly them to ONT from Taiwan so I’d like to see this come!

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Very nice. Thanks!

This livery is definitely needed for the A330-900. Has my full support!

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Yes, we agree on the same for the support!


Voted for this much-needed livery!

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Yes, they are more voting for them A330neo come on! Lol!

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Well yes!. would love to see this livery. I love it’s colours ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇼.

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It’s a sound good for you!

I saw check on the internet for Google information, about it Starlux Airlines gets a new Airbus A330-900neo (2) and next added (6) provided on Order also is a new registration:

Starlux Airlines get an A339neo a new registration B-58301 on order and also I saw a check ok the internet for Google information, too.

Hi, these do not get a confirmed very sad 😔.

Next time, we’ll have more time to talk. Your question is something your vote requested to continue for communication on the comment for your share also we together support, too.

New announcement.

Credits: starluxairlines instagram

The first A330neo for Starlux is out of the paintshop!

I very like this livery 😍

But i dont know the registration for this aircraft…


So cool! Thank you for the share this IFC.

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It’s really pretty! Also the registration may be F-WWCN. But Idk.

Also registration F-WWCN to B-85301, too, and I saw a check on the internet for Google information.

It feels comfortable is free now open on the internet.

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