Starlux Airlines A321

Starlux Airlines Chinese:星宇航空 is a Taiwanese Airline that is under preparation by Chang Kuo Wei, the brother of the President of EVA Air.

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I would like to have this livery added to the A321. Especially because of the golden color on the livery.

We must definitely add this aircraft since Starlux has already received their first a/c. However, I think IF should add the A321neo first since we can’t just simply add this livery to the current A321.


next update this livery should be added, it’s started flying IRL already
Proud for being Taiwanese

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This airline has great potential and I really hope that this livery can be added to IF and get known by people around the world!

Also bumping this thread (Please vote!)

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please vote!! This airline is extremely new/young and it would be a cool livery if it gets added into IF!!


Can a regular/staff help me change the title to A321neo?