Starlux A350 livery

Honestly, ngl.

This livery is so freaking beautiful!!!

May be better than some established airlines


Still the best A350 livery in my opinion! Its super classy

Should also introduce their call-sign Starwalker. Pretty cool IMO.


that looks quite photoshop, not gonna lie


I still like this livery

RIP Covid 19 Has Ruined the dreams of Starlux 🤣


no, Starlux is resuming operations in June

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They’re already flying again.

Might be cargo-only operations though, not sure.

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Shipping cargo in their A321N ;) mostly to South East Asia

Keeping this thread alive

its cheaper

I support this livery request, but lets wait until a real life bird comes out of the paint shop so we know how to replicate it exactly. Don’t want to have this livery have the same fate as the current Aeroflot A350 (which is wrong)

@RotorGuy I think you should specify the varient since only one feature request per thread is allowed.

Found this topic just before creating one and wow… it’s been a year.

First A350 for Starlux spotted in Toulouse!


Credit for image

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This livery would be awesome to have in the sim!
Starlux deserves a boost especially now they have announced plans to fly to LAX with the A350!


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You have my vote!

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