Starlux A350 livery



With the building of the A350, I think this future airlines livery would look fantastic on the A350. Starlux is an airline company headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan that is scheduled to begin service in January 2020.

They’ll be operating both -900 and -1000 series!


I have to say…I kinda like the livery - it has a good colour combination: blue/gold and black/gold always go well together.

However it is doing what Qantas, WestJet, Air Lingus, etc… have done and made their livery really simplistic.


Sometimes Simple is all you need


Most reason why Airlines livery looks simple because white color are heat resistant then any other color. White is also cheap than having any other colors.

I think this livery is unique because it looks like VIP’s (Private / business) aircraft livery but the truth is. . . it’s an airline 😉


Like I said, sometimes simple is all you need


Dang that is sharp…