Starflyer A320neo


Starflyer is a Japanese 🇯🇵 airline with operating bases at Kitakyushu Airport and Tokyo Haneda. It operates under a hybrid airline model that sees it offering low fares while still providing more than basic service aboard their aircraft. It operates 10 A320-200s and 1 A320neo - with up to 4 more on order - to 7 destinations across Japan and Taiwan (Taipeh).

Voted! Love this livery! Such a classy and elegant look for an LCC. Starflyer also operates a few flights to Fukuoka per day and I see their aircraft quite often at my home airport! Considering how we don’t have the A320 livery, this would be a nice addition. The primary reason I’m voting for the neo is because many Japanese airlines (ANA, Peach, Starflyer) operate the neo, while none at the moment operate the MAX.

I don’t have enough votes but I want this so much!!!

Thanks a lot and I agree!

Has someone made a Peach Aviation Neo topic yet?

No, not yet

I found an old topic from 2016 but it was never closed so idk wether to make a new one or not!

bump. voted. small airlines deserves some love

Such a sleek livery for the Neo!!