Starflyer A320

I’m pretty sure most of you guys here have never seen or heard this airline before so I’ve attached a wiki page.

This airline flies to most of the big cities in Japan Korea(Seoul, Busan) and Taiwan(Taipei).
This airline has a all A320 fleet and has been ranked No.1 for the best airline in Japan for domestic travel continuously for 10 years.

Should I flag this one?

Oh dang did not know that existed. Do I need to close this? Idk how this works

That request is 3 years old,and less informative than your one.

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I just closed it. You’re all good. 🙌🏼


Thx!! Now I will go to bed with a happy face;) @SimpleWaffles you should go to bed too lol

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Cool livery. We need more Japanese Airlines liveries as we currently have got only planes with ANA and Japan Airlines liveries. In should be added along with new liveries for the A320 (all variants) on the 19.4 update.


I’d love to see more Japanese airlines. Idk what ones there are though

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Definitely one of my favourite Japanese Airlines! Put in my last vote for this.

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I have seen these a couple of times at RCTP. I would love to vote but ran out of them.

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I love black airplanes are looking so nice 😍 i hope for this livery in the future :)

I would love to see this in IF! Love it😍

Gorgeous one! 🔥

A very beautiful black aircraft!

Can be more realistic for ANVA’s ranking system for Cadet and also, very nice livery!!