Starbow ATR veered off runway after captain's seat slipped

This is one weird accident…!

“Investigators believe the Starbow Airlines ATR 72-500 runway excursion at Ghana’s Kotoka airport was preceded by an unexpected slip of the captain’s unsecured cockpit seat.”

The aircraft was only delivered a couple of days before the accident.

“Five occupants were injured during the accident. The aircraft, which had been bound for Kumasi, sustained damage to components including its left-hand propeller blades and fuselage.”

Now the flights are suspended!
“Our operations have been suspended until further notice," Starbow chief executive James Eric Antwi tells FlightGlobal.”



That’s just a little weird.


Well then, I guess they go through planes very fast…


Must be frustrating to get a new plane and then get it broken


Plus they were thinking on getting a second one🤦‍♂️

I can see it now… “ATR Slides Off Runway Due To Pilot Knocking Over Coffee Mug And Getting Distracted”
Kind of a long line though.


What? What kinda chair was he using?




Something like this


Lol, what’s next…“departing aircraft suddenly points straight up and shoots towards space due to unexpected recline of captains chair” 😂

do the seats even recline? I sure hope they do, cuz I wanna be in those seats someday…


I’ve heard of someone slipping out of their chair, but never the chair slipping out of their person.


That’s why airplanes need coasters for their drinks in the cockpit lol! JK they won’t be able to hold a drink tightly especially during takeoff!

Oo, doesn’t look too good, I’ll tell you what looks good though, their paint job, I love it!

I mean, doesn’t that look cool:

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This is why I cant have nice things

I think the aircraft’a integrity would be investigated if the seat had a malfunction error. If the pilot moved the seat by accident thus an innocent incident ended up badly…

This is quite hilarious. I mean c’mon, was he training to be a reckless comedian? Was he a ATR seat tester? With all do respect thoughts and prayers are with the injured, however this is an incident I won’t be forgetting about for a very long time.

Wait the pilot caused damage to a multi million dollar plane because he slipped out of his chair???

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Correct. And the company suspended flights😂

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People, stop going off topic, this isn’t a meme topic.

The seats can be adjusted to a comfortable position, there is a click in mechanism, almost like a manual car seat, it obviously never clicked in, and due to the force of takeoff, it slid back.
Its not that hard.

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