Star Wars Canyon FPL

Real place in northern death valley also called RAINBOW BASIN nearest military base would be China lake or ft. Irwin


Oh ok, I just searched it up and all I saw were jets flying in between it

So these are the start and end points of the canyon.

Start: 362145N1173411W -> 3621N/11734W
End: 362142N1172958W -> 3621N/11729W

Should work if it doesn’t sorry :)

As best I can tell, copy and pasting this into the search bar on the map should get you where you want to go.

KNID 3623N/11735W 3621N/11734W 3621N/11733W 3622N/11732W 3622N/11731W

Here’s some further reading on GPS coordinates in a flight plan, if you’re interested:

Complete coordinate list:
Edwards, Sidewinder Low Level

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Yeah I meant beggars canyon

Oh I was correct, other people were trying to base it off IRL of that ‘Star Wars canyon’

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