Star Wars Canyon FPL

Can someone come up with a flight plan so I can run Star Wars canyon?

This would be greatly appreciated!!

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you can try the grand canyon?

What does the Grand Canyon have to do with this?

Check this topic, @DeltaCs100:

oh geez now thats cool

what is a star wars canyon?

I am a major starwars geek, are you referring to Beggars canyon? Or is starwars canyon a real place?


I think he’s referring to beggars canyon on Tatooine (sorry that I know so much about Star Wars I just know what he’s talking about)


I’m pretty sure it’s beggars canyon


I flew it yesterday, It’s suprisingly small (If I flew the right one lol) but I just used Live flight to help get me there once I found it on the map

Are you talking about the Grand Canyon?

No. The Grand Canyon has nothing to do with this.

No, Star Wars Canyon.

Exactly he’s probably talking about beggars canyon

Which I think he means of beggars canyon

I’m a Star Wars nerd don’t mind me lol


Star Wars Canyon is a real place. Beggars Canyon is not.

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Where? In Disney world? I’ve never heard of it


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Exactly, it’s located in Death Valley and is a hotspot for military low level flights etc.

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Oh ok, thanks I’m Australian, so I don’t know very much about USA’s canyons