Star Travel Airlines KASE Landing Competition @ KASE - 291630ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Denver, CO

Airport: KASE

Time: 1630Z

Aircraft: Boeing 737-8

Instructions: Take off from the runway instructed by any of the judges and remain in the pattern, the judges will assess your landings.


Hangar M1: @Daz15
Hangar M2: @samuel_48
Hangar M1: @Pilot420
Hangar N2: @danthemanmc617
Hangar N3: @LachyRobertson
Hangar N4:
Hangar N5:
Hangar N6:

STA001: @Daz15
STA002: @samuel_48
STA003: @Pilot420
STA004: @danthemanmc617
STA005: @LachyRobertson


Terminal Gate 1: @StarTraveler
Terminal Gate 2: @jdag2004
Terminal Gate 3: @_keithjames99

STA01: @StarTraveler
STA03: @jdag2004
STA02: @_keithjames99

Hope to see everyone there!


I love al of the action in Denver recently. Kudos guys and great looking event.


Great looking event! I wish I could come but I don’t have KASE:-(


You mean you don’t have denver? If you have Denver you have Aspen ;)


I hope you can come next time though!

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Sign me up please , will see you there. Btw which livery?

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No, I don’t have Denver. Sorry:-(

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Alright, I’ll give you a gate! We are using the generic livery!

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I would like to join but I don’t know how…

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I want to join this event! Add me, please! ☺

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Thank you guys! I will give you gates!

Basically I will just give you a gate for the event, a day before the event I will invite you guys to the event Discord server and all you need to do is to be there on time if you can ;)

C’mon guys we need more people! Let’s fill up the gates!

I would like to come :)

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Alright! Giving you a gate!

How do you do a pattern at KASE? Its a one way in , one way out airport

I would like to join the event

Nice fly over @AdamCallow ;)

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I’m sorry, but the entries for the event were already closed at that time

Great event everyone! Thanks for coming! I will have an edit of this event uploaded to YouTube soon and the winner will be announced max in 1hr!

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