STAR to wrong (ICAO) FALE

King Shaka International Airport, DURBAN, South Africa - ICAO FALE

DUNS1A STAR ends up pointing to fix FALE 7,852 miles from the airport. Needs repair? If I delete FALE it knocks out the whole STAR.


Howdy there!

This data is based solely on NAVBLUE data, which is generally extremely accurate! The developers and testers haven’t been able to test every airport around the world and that’s why community reports like this are great! This will be looked at and will be addressed internally by the Staff and Development Team as will all of the other Missing/Incorrect STAR/SID Procedures that have been reported by the community.

If you find other procedures that are off; and if you can back it up with a verified chart, feel free to report it so the developers can be made aware

Thanks for your understanding! Hope that you’re enjoying the update! :)


The same problem is present in MMMX (I05R1). The RW05R wpt is over europe for some reason.

This happens from time to time. In real life there may be multiple waypoints in the world with the same name. In Infinite Flight it is more difficult programmatically to identify and know which one you are referring to.

You should be able to remove that one waypoint. It will remove the “group” designation but you should have the others remain. You can search for the correct waypoint and move it into the correct position.


No worries, thank you

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