STAR- River Visual help


what STAR do I fly in KDCA for the River Visual?

Example answer: Fly the OCK19A transition to TNP, runway 19
that is a example answer what is it for KDCA river visual?

I think you would just hand fly in following the Potomac River.

I know FRDDM5 will get you on it if you’re inbound from the west, the the transition from FERGI to start your river visual.

Looks like it’s the RNAV to SETOC.

Or what @Asher said.

It’s the H19 approach. Just checked and it looks like it.

To when puting in my star

I put H19 Star to rwn 19 yes?

then just do what @Max_R.0 said

Yeah it’s an approach. I’m not sure which arrival STARs link to it though. Don’t think you even need to select a runway for the approach it’s just there.

It is a Visual Approach. You are looking at the RNP for RWY19 not the visual approach for RWY19.The difference is that the RNP requires use of VNAV. The RNAV approach to SETOC is permissible but not a requirement. On the visual the pilot may visually approach any time after FERGI.

To answer OP’s question the STARs you can use to get to the River Visual are CAPSS3 (expect to vector yourself to FERGI), CLIPPR2 (vectors to FERGI), DEALE3 (vectors to FERGI), FRDMM5, NUMMY5 (vectors needed to FERGI), SKILS4 (Vectors to FERGI), and TRUPS4


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