STAR Passing Directly Over Amsterdam Before Landing!

Headed into Amsterdam (EHAM) on my Norwegian Air Sweden 737-8 from Copenhagen (EKCH). I was incredibly lucky to have been able to use STAR EEL1A, which took me right over the airport at about 7,000, before being put on the downwind for runway 36C, and finally, vectored in by IFATC’s very own @Will_A . I don’t typically post in #screenshots-and-videos, but being able to fly a STAR right over an airport is so cool, I felt I needed to share.

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Route : EKCH - EHAM

Of course, you’ve gotta start off with that iconic red nose…🤩

EHAM passing just under the winglet

The captain’s view above EHAM. He knows that’s where he’s gotta butter his landing! 👨🏻‍✈️

Making the left turn onto downwind, dipping my wing over the airfield

Looking back at the airfield. I’ll be back to land soon!

Please feel free to share thoughts🧐, feelings😁, or emotions🥺 you may or may not have received by looking at these photos.

Any favorites?

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Have a great rest of your day!


Love the pictures, and I love Schipol even more! Procedures can be quite tricky there but give excellent views! What’s not so excellent was that pie chart poll, absolutely disgusting, what a disgrace.


I knew someone was gonna make a comment about the chart😔 Thanks anyway for the comments on the pictures 😒😒😒😂

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That was a wacky STAR to handle… never seen anything like it. Nice shots :)

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I can imagine it’s a tricky one😅! Thanks for letting me fly it😁

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What runway did you land on?

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Landed on 36C

Oh dang I see it now that is a very wacky star.

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Great photos. I love flying with this STAR as well. great job

Thanks! Yeah it’s definitely a special STAR😂

I’m actually currently about to fly this STAR into EHAM 😂

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Definitely gonna stress the controller!😂

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Why does that look like real life…

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Nice one! Love the pics!

Fun fact: There’s a similar STAR over KVNY. Check the LYNXX8 STAR - it passes directly over the airport!

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Definitely will take a look! Thanks!

I don’t know man…😂🤷🏻‍♂️

Wow! The editing is on point. Great work!

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Thank you so much @Sashaz55 ! That really means a lot 😁🙃

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That’s cool! I had a STAR like that going into Tel Aviv but skipped it because I was told to enter straight in, and the STAR didn’t 😂

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Some really cool pictures of a huge airport, with some cool scenery around it. Thanks for sharing!

I once heard about someone who used the negative altitude as an excuse for not flaring in the right moment, so if it wasn’t too good you would now have an excuse ;)

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