Star Navigation - Guided by the Heavens

Am I the only one who wants to learn how to navigate with just the stars to do a flight with nothing but the stars as my guide? 🤣

Anybody know how to do it?


Yes your the only person 🤣 But funny idea

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What I found was to look for constellations and to find the “North Star” then to find the “southern cross” and from there find east and west. I myself haven’t tried it but it sounds like a fun challenge!
Here’s the article I used.


We don’t have the instruments for it in the sim, it’s pretty hard to guess constellation from another with all the stars being visible in the sky.

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Well that’s a unique skill

Tell that to the gents flying 90-80 or something years ago, no other ways to fly at night other than VFR.

Pretty sure it was also done during WW2

I mean I can also navigate using stars.

Standard Terminal Arrival Route


Yeah they used a bubble octant.
They also threw aluminium powder out the window to estimate winds aloft. Not kidding.

PS: astronomer here, so yes, I can knock together a rudimentary position report using the stars


I saw previous threads about the stars in IF being a true representation. But during a night flight, if I try changing time or date, the positions don’t seem to change. Any ideas?

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