Goodness so many questions. Oh well, a good pilot is always learning I guess.

So I’m doing a flight from LAX to SFO, and for one of the arrival STARs they don’t have any set altitude, therefore VNAV isn’t available. What should I do?

Also, a time-sensitive issue so can you please be quick about it? Thanks.

You can set your own altitude by tapping on the fix in your flight plan.

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Set your own Alt or just do you decent like normal.

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I figured that out, but I don’t know if it’s good. to be more detailed, I selected MENLO, just outside the ILS cone, and put 3,000 ft.

3000ft is a good intercept altitude for KSFO. You should be fine.

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Cool, thanks.

Topic can be closed now. :)

You could also see the charts for the actually STAR online that has the minimum altitude between legs if you want to be more authentic.


scroll to charts and find your STAR

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oh yeah that’s a good idea. I’ll do that next time I have this problem.

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