Star Gazing over the South Atlantic Ocean

Hey IFC, here is my flight crossing over the Atlantic from Luanda-Quatro De Fevereiro heading west to Juscelino Kubitschek Intl. I wasn’t able to get as much good shots of the scenery since I am mostly flying over the Ocean. But non the less hope you like some the photos that I was able to take.

Preparing for our star gazing trip over the Atlantic at the West 06 Military Apron at Luanda-Quatro.

Taxing to runway 23 at Luanda-Quatro.

Straight out Departure at Luanda-Quatro.

Boeing 747 SOFIA in action over the Atlantic.

The moon is so beautiful from afar.

Wing view of entering into Brasil from the west.

Cockpit view of my final approach to 29L at Juscelino Kubitschek Intl. The new update make this screenshot so much better.

Landing at runway 29L.

Disembarking at the Military Apron 02D from our sucessful flight.


Here is a closer shot of the moon shining over the country of Brasil. Might use this screenshot for my profile pic or wallpaper.

Flight time: 7 hours and 42 minutes.
Step climbed from 34,000ft to our final cruising altitude of 38,000ft.
Boeing 747 SOFIA.
Expert Server.


Nice moon shoot @John_Wixk_jr
Thank you for the pictures

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