Star Arrival

If your Star arrival procedure is missing altitude requirements is it acceptable to input them manually from the real world arrival procedure.

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Of course! You have creative flexibility with STARs.

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Absolutely, yes! ATC commands have the priority over the FPL though.

Erm, you do not have flexibility with stars - they are called standardized arrivals for a reason. That is the whole point of them - you follow the constraints if the atc tells you to follow the star down, you do not if you are vectored in by atc.

You can’t just willy nilly edit constraints of a standardised instrument approach. Yes, you can use the charts constraints and assign it manually in the FMC, and verify the games airac data is the same as the charts.

He’s asking about adding altitude to STARs in the game without them. Some STARs don’t automatically put in altitude requirements like the Real World, so @Thunderbolt is saying yes, you can modify a STAR based on real world altitudes.

Ah my apologies, I haven’t played the game in a while. I thought he was saying you can add whatever constraints you want :P

It’s fine, we all make mistakes :)

yes, i mean youre the pilot at the end of the day. the ones there already are required, but u can change them

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