STAR and mountains reliable?

I flew EDDL to LOWI today and used the STAR and VNAV. On final it took me into the mountains had I continued. Is this a known error, did I do something wrong or is it just the (very nice) scenery with mountains that make it impossible to follow a STAR?

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Hey! Which STAR was this?

Leading to LOWI. In fact it is the r08-y app.

The approach type you used stops at waypoint WI814 and is visual from that point, the line you are following is simply a direct line from the end of the approach to the centre of the airport. And as this is in a valley you are bound to hit a wall.

IF waypoint locations and terrain locations are very accurate, this is simply a case of following the wrong line.


Hi, the approach via runway 08 does lead you into the mountain if you follow your flightplan. So the approach is mostly visually done. You can also add a waypoint which lays on final, if you don’t wanna Handfly until stabilised.

Here’s how they do it in real life

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Thank you dor your comment. I did study the approach chart for the LOWI r08. However I was curious about the difference between IF and IF FPL. I think I must keep in mind that ‘vectors to final’ is not just a line to follow safely.