Star Alliance Virtual | Sydney Skies @ YSSY - 122300ZJAN17

Hey community members!

Join Us For A Star Alliance Virtual Event:
[Sydney Skies] (

Join us in this week to help support Star Alliance Virtual, as we are are holding an event to fill up the Sydney on the Advanced Server. Let us all show our Star Alliance spirit by taking flight in the beautiful Sydney region. Any airplane with a Air New Zealand livery is preferred.

The established route for this event will be posted down below. Come to YSSY in your aircraft with the callsign SAVxxx (x represents numbers) to join in on participating in this event. We’ll be flying from YSSY to YSCB. Team up with other pilots for an enjoyable flight, ramp screenshots, or to just have fun flying a scenic Star Alliance Virtual route. Looking forward to some awesome screenshots!

Post your best screenshots on this thread after the event!

Region: Sydney

NOTAMS: Follow all ATC instructions (when available). All rules will be enforced.

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Air New Zealand

United Virtual Event Hours:
Begin - Thrusday 1/12 @ 23:00 ZULU (6:00pm EST)
End - Thursday 1/12 @ 0:30 ZULU (7:30pm EST)

Be respectful to everyone who is flying, and most importantly, have fun!

See everyone in Sydney!

The Way The Earth Connects!


Can’t be flying in school :(((((
But nice event :)
(and nice photo too ;P)


Is this suppose to be 00:30

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My bad xD I’ll change that…

Hope you can attend the next event!

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Wiki for Gate Assignments.
Feel free to add more gates.
GATE 1-50: @Cam_Pilot
GATE 1-51
GATE 1-52
GATE 1-53
GATE 1-54
GATE 1-55
GATE 1-56
GATE 1-57
GATE 1-58
GATE 1-59
GATE 1-60
GATE 1-61
GATE 1-63

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First ever Event should be fun!!

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Glad to see you there!

Do you want a gate?

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You could be signing me up but I doubt I’ll be able to come.

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That would be awesome

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Can i have a gate please

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@Tranquil_SkyFlyer will assign you one shortly :)

@mattrich Check your DM.

Gate 1-58 for SAV55

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Sorry it’s not Air New Zealand but at least United is part of a Star Alliance 😂


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