Star Alliance Virtual Photo Competition!

Star Alliance Virtual Photo Competition!

With the Star Alliance FNF going on, what’s a better time to celebrate pictures from our events & the FNF?! With 4 SAV member airports featured today, and another 5-6 featured tomorrow for the FNF, we’re sure you all are going to fly with your friends!

We want to help you enjoy your SAV experience, and so, we’ll be holding a photo competition. You have till Saturday evening to share your pictures to us by PM! Let us know if you’ll be participating in the comments section below! We’ll be judging them with the rest of the SAV panel.

The top 3 pictures will be featured on our thread & social media pages! So go out there & fly, individual or group, & click those stunning pictures!

Star Alliance Virtual. The Way The IFC Connects.

Note: Only Star Alliance Aircraft


Are only Star Alliance aircraft allowed?

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Only Star Alliance

I will take part and pm the pics by saturday.

Remember people send them your photos!

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