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The Official Star Alliance Virtual Thread-2019

This Alliance was established in Early March and the decision was taken to invite the Virtual Airlines and take their suggestions and some of the Virtual Airline had agreed whereas some had not. Finally the Alliance was established,routes exchanged and hands shook (Virtually). We are an alliance where we connect real life Star Alliance members in this Infinite flight community platform and stand as one! Our main goal is to broaden the horizons for all member Virtual Airlines by not only offering routes but one of a kind events.Star Alliance Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real organization Star

Independent Staff

Chairman - @D3vison
Media Head- @Jens_Severin
Media Manager- @InfiniteFlightOne
Events Manager- @Ahmad_Hijazi

Board Members

CEO Board Member for AIVA - @indraniel
CEO Board Member for NSV- @OC212
CEO Board Member for SAVA- @Owain_G
CEO Board Member for TAP VA - @Narruto_Mieumieu
CEO Board Member for UVA - @Jshnlsn
CEO Board Member for CAVA- @Airchina789
CEO Board Member for TVA- @anon70624511
CEO Board Member for TGV- @Rohith_Krishna
CEO Board Member for Kiwi Air- @Lu_ke
CEO Board Member for ETVA- @Feurum
CEO Board Member for SASVA- @FINNWINGS

Purpose of Alliance:

1. Each VA will provide 10 routes (this means 20 actual flights, to and back), on a rotation basis every quarter year (3 months). With this, SAV aims to increase the range of each VA across the continents, and to provide the pilots of every SAV VA with more routes to fly.*

2. Joint events will occasionally take place to celebrate the partnership between the VA’s.*

3. These events will usually feature a certain VA so as to raise IFC recognition and awareness of said VA.*

Leadership Structure:

1. SAV is to be run by a democracy. Each VA will have an equal say in all decisions.*

2. The board will consist of every member VA’s CEO and another staff member of his choosing .

3. However, as stated by the IFVARB, @D3vison will be the official chairman of Star Virtual Alliance. This is not to undermine the democracy of the board, but by requirement of the IFVARB to have a power holder to be the contact person for the alliance.*

4. In the sense of a direct democracy, all decisions relating to Star Alliance VIrtual will be decided by a direct vote being put to the board members.*

Our Members

Star Alliance Members

Air India Virtual

Air China Virtual

ANA Virtual

Ethiopian Virtual

Kiwi Air Virtual

Non Stop Virtual

SAS Virtual

South African Airways Virtual

TAP Portugal Virtual

Turkish Virtual

United Virtual

We plan to host Bi-Weekly events through our alliance members who cover nook and corner of the world. More details on these coming soon!



Can’t wait to see what this exciting, new alliance can bring!

I hate to be that guy but is this IFVARB approved? It looks really fantastic, but I can’t find anything saying it is.


Ooh! Nice to see another alliance on the IFC! :D

I wish you guys good luck! :D


Yes it is @BluePanda900 authorised it

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Can’t wait to become a part of it some day!



Congratulations @StarAllianceVirtual. I can’t wait for the upcoming events and what comes in the future :-)


Cant wait to see you, if you can join @Feurum!

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Im do glad to be a part of this :)


Let’s hope we’re all good friends😉

I think this one is a great idea, found out about it from NSV!


So happy that SAV opened up! Star Alliance based VAs will now be able to have the same unity as One World and Skyteam VAs. As a staff member of TVA, I am really excited about this and hope it is prosperous and successful!


Very well indeed. We hope that with more VA’s opening we can add more VA’s into the alliance!

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I am also a pilot for DLVA and have seen the huge benefits they have gotten from being apart of Skyteam Virtual. Not just in the way of events and codeshare, but a group of other VAs to lean on and get help from. I can’t wait for all of the members of SAV to benefit in the same ways to ensure mutual growth as the competition gets higher and higher.


Welcome guys!

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The thread looks amazing! Proud to be a member!


Congratulations Star Alliance



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Congratulations Star Alliance!! Very happy onboard!

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Amazing Can’t wait for the routes and network of all the VA’s over here


Everyone please welcome our two newest VA‘s to Star Alliance. @Lu_ke‘s Kiwi Air and @mr_speedbird‘s LOT VA!