Star Alliance Virtual | Let Us Inspire You | Staff Opening!

Star Alliance Virtual is temporarily closed for one month for an annual reconstruction period. We will have an event and new thread and have some other rewarding aspects going to occur next month. We hope to see all of you next month with the new and improved Star Alliance Virtual!

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Thank you for patiently waiting for the Star Alliance revamp. We will be soon to commence operations and we have an upcoming thread and website coming soon so be here to check out all of Star Alliance’s new features.


Hi @StarAllianceVirtual!

When will the VO open up again? The revamp has been going on for 2 months now…

I can’t join the staff because my VA is awaiting-review and once we are approved, we will anyways need to ask to join Star Alliance Virtual :)

All staff are on Holidays still. Just be patient and they will reopen soon.

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Sorry for the wait @ran, we have been working hard on the reopening as we have had a lot of unexpected delays in our recent operation of reopening the VO. We will be back before the beginning of February though.

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No problem, I anyways have to just send my application from my VA…

I’m just waiting for Star Alliance thread and my VA to be approved before we can file for Star Alliance partnership :)

@StarAllianceVirtual Hi, so when are you guys going to be recruiting VAs to join?

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@LegendaryRoro88, SAV has already recruited EVA Virtual Corp.

We are recruiting now as well. Our form is above!

@ran So, when are you guys updating this thread.

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Should be pretty soon… there’s a huge statement that will come out soon… in the next 1-2 days.

Our thread should be there soon after.

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will the star alliance be revamp


@TY_PLAY, the reasons as to why the Star Alliance Virtual renovation has taken longer than expected are below. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to be up and running as soon as possible. An estimated date we can give you should be late-to-late on 2020-03-10T19:00:00Z. We should be done earlier or by then.

Reasons as to why the renovation has taken longer than expected:
  • @D3vison has stepped down to Deputy Chairman and has promoted @ran to the position of chairman. @ran has been cleared by the IFVARB, only because ANA Virtual Group is a Star Alliance member. @D3vison will be giving us a statement as to why he chose to take the position of Deputy Chairman very soon.

  • 4 VAs have joined our new alliance. We will need to make sure all procedures are followed as we bring them into the VA.

  • A few software changes and structural changes are taking place. This will take some time to fix.

We hope that answers all the questions for the entire community. Once again, we are sorry for the delay and inconvenience. We hope to be up and running very soon!


Take your time revamps take forever when you limited on staff I know

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How would va’s be affected with this new revamp ?
I personally hope to see better communication between va’s and that va’s provide more routes to the star alliance route sheet

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VAs would be affected in several ways:
  • Star Alliance Virtual Accords would be integrated into the VA. This is a document stating Star Alliance Virtual is more than just an alliance, it’s a family. These accords would go over the rules that are required for a VA to become part of the Star Alliance Virtual family.

  • Routes will be more accessible, and possibly even shared for the entire community to view.

  • This might be controversial, but any SAV member VA can be subject to further screening. We will now be setting one year renewal dates. This means that when a VA applies, we assume it as part of SAV for a period of one year after joining. Once the year is complete, we will check-in with the VAs to make sure everything is in order. If all is good, we will renew their member status for the following year and this process will continue for the years to come. This new rule will be implemented due to former VAs becoming inactive or breaching protocols and misconduct.

These rules will be implemented soon and are in place to make sure that Star Alliance Virtual is able to operate professionally and ensure that all SAV member VAs are clear of any problems whatsoever. We hope to keep things organized while creating a fun space for all SAV member pilots and staff.

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Thank you so much I can’t wait to see what SAV have in store for my VA

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New thread coming soon