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@Brisbane_Aviator, actually we’ve decided on adding a co-events creator, so you’ll be tied with @GPilot118. This way, both of you get some experience, especially since we have a big lineup of events!


of course!

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Alrighty! Take some rest and we’ll start tomorrow!


Ok I’m more ready than anything !
And can I change put my VA in the description of my IFC account ?

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So we cloud work on the Star alliance VA account in the same Time and work on the same event ?


Hello everyone! Star Alliance has partnered with @Pingu to host an event this March. It is open to anyone and we would like to see you all there! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask or click here for more info.


Not judging at all, but I think the rule that your VA has to be a part of Star Alliance in real life limits tremendously the amount of VA’s that could join SAV - therefore less options for member VA’s to expand their networks etc.

It’s for realistic purposes I believe

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If every VA applied for SAV, don’t you think it would become a headache? Think about it. BAVA or DLVA applying for SAV wouldn’t make sense and would go out of the line.

That’s why SAV stays to the realistic side. Plus, Star Alliance is anyways the biggest alliance in the world, so I wouldn’t worry about expansion of networks.


Yep, it is!

My likes limit is gone.


Once again… ;)

I think saying we have a good network is a slight understatement 😆🇩🇪 - Norbert


Well, @LuftyVirtual, I’m talking about real-world Star Alliance side.
Ours is kinda big, but then at no fault of our own, there have been a few VAs who have disrupted the peace in our VA earlier.


Great thread! Glad to be part of SAV! Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you @Harmyd!

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Welcome To Star Alliance Virtual!

We are here to give you the best the community has to offer. We’re proud to announce not one, but two new event managers. Why did we get two rather than one? Well, firstly, two minds is better than one. Secondly, we have so many events planned for the IFC, that we require a team to help set us up for success. Without further ado, to the news!

Help us in welcoming our two new event managers!


Make sure to thank them for the events they’ll be creating in the next weeks to come!

SAV Series

We would also like to announce our SAV Series events. Rather than having one event, we decided on creating multiple events that go through the hub or hubs of each VA. Here is some information regarding the event lineup.

SAV Events Lineup
  • SAV Series 1.0: SKRG - Medellín (Avianca)
  • SAV Series 1.5: SKBO - Bogotá (Avianca)
  • SAV Series 2.0: KIAD - Washington D.C (United)
  • SAV Series 2.5: KSFO - San Francisco (United)
  • SAV Series 3.0: RJTT - Tokyo-Haneda (ANA)
  • SAV Series 3.5: RJBB - Osaka-Kansai (ANA)
  • SAV Series 4.0: RCTP & RCSS - Taipei-Taoyuan + Taipei Songshan (EVA)

Sign Up For Our First Event @SKRG - Medellín


Nice !

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Sign Up For The ANA Virtual Group + United Virtual Event!

Welcome! Namaste! 你好!

We are here to give you the best the community has to offer. We’re proud to announce our new routes database manager, @United2! A member of United Virtual, he’s here to help Star Alliance Virtual grow!


That’s me. Shoot me with any questions you may have.

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