Star Alliance Virtual | A New Beginning // Closed // Restarting

Star Alliance Virtual | A New Beginning

Independent Staff Members
Position Name Role
Chairman @D3vison The head of Star Alliance manages votes and brings new airlines into the alliance. The chairman also selects a deputy chairman to help.
Deputy Chairman @OC212 Helps the chairman in votes and bringing new airlines into the alliance.
Operations Officer @United2 Oversees the day to day at Star Alliance. Is the head of events, brings new airlines into SAV, and is the second in command to the chairman.
Media Head @Jens_Severin Is in charge of media for Star Alliance and creates graphics for events.
Graphics Designer @marcelschmidt Makes graphics for Star Alliance such as the ones seen on events
Board Members
Airline Name
Air India Virtual @indraniel
ANA Virtual @ran
Avianca Virtual @Altaria55
EVA Virtual @TaipeiGuru
Nonstop Virtual @KingWings
SAS Virtual @Isgrena
Singapore Virtual @TwinsRock88
South African Virtual @Springbok777
Thai Group Virtual @samdog27
Turkish Virtual @Ben_Murtagh1
United Virtual @Blake_Stephens

Member VA Parliamentary Procedure

  1. SAV is a VA-run alliance. Each VA has a say in decisions.
  2. Each VA will need the CEO and another staff member of choosing to join our board.
  3. Due to the IFVARB requirement of the main owner of a VA, @D3vison will be the official chairman of Star Alliance Virtual. However, all decisions related to SAV will be decided in votes held by board members.
  4. Staff members of SAV are also included as board members, therefore, their votes count as well.
  5. All VAs need to go through a membership process and need to renew their membership each year. This is due to VAs becoming inactive, VAs with a bad history on the IFC, etc. All SAV VAs will be contacted each year to renew their membership, where the SAV team will discuss routes, codeshares, events, activity, and many more factors that are related to creating not just an alliance, but a family.

Whats coming

Right now SAV is in a restart process. During this reset process, we are updating our routes database to make it easier for all the VA's to access it and update their respective routes. We are also adding the below to make Star Alliance an easy to manage organization.
  1. New airline(s)
  2. Weekly Events
  3. New positions
  4. Adding easier to use system for board members
  5. Updated routes database

We will be holding an event series soon visiting 1 to 2 hubs of each airline in Star Alliance. The event series will be held once weekly beginning in Star Alliances’ biggest hub, Frankfurt (EDDF), and ending in Frankfurt (EDDF) The theme is Star Alliances tour around the world. We hope to see you there!

Requirements to join SAV

  1. Must be IFVARB approved or in the process
  2. Must have a drama-free IFC or IFVARB past
  3. Must fill out the form below

Want your VA to be apart of SAV? Please fill out this form!

Want to become part of one of our SAV virtual airlines?

Star Alliance Virtual Airlines
Air India Virtual

Air India Virtual has been of our major partners, connecting the world through their hubs in India. Fly their iconic 747 or their 777s, alongside the sleek Maharaja 787, and don’t miss out their hubs at Delhi and Mumbai!

Air India Virtual Thread

ANA Virtual Group

ANA Virtual Group is one of the 4 newest SAV members to join. They are based in Japan, and one of the few 5-star rated airlines in the world! Fly in their massive 787 fleet or 777 fleet, and fly domestically around Mt. Fuji and other wonders in the A321 or launch from their hubs at Tokyo and Osaka!

ANA Virtual Group Thread

Avianca Virtual

Fly with Avianca and explore the South American continent! Avianca connects you from North America and the Europe to Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, etc. Fly in their flagship 787s and A320s in more than 94 countries with codeshares!

Avianca Virtual Thread

EVA Virtual

EVA Virtual Corp. is one of our other 4 new VAs to join the SAV family! Their hub in Taipei makes them a great airlines to connect with in Southeast Asia as well as Australia and North America! Their fleet consists of the long-range B78X as well as the elegant A321!

EVA Virtual Corp. Thread

Nonstop Virtual Group

Nonstop Virtual is another major member of building SAV to what we are today! Their huge fleet along with their subsidiaries make them a force to be with reckoned with. The A380, 747, A359, you name it, they have it! And you cannot miss their hub at Frankfurt Airport, as it happens to be Star Alliance’s main headquarters!

Nonstop Virtual Thread

SAS Virtual

Have you ever wanted to explore Northern Europe and see the great sights of Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, etc? Well, now you can with… SAS Virtual! Fly their short haul CRJ900s or their 737s and A320s and get breath-taking pictures of the landscape to make fellow avgeeks jealous!

SAS Virtual Thread

Singapore Virtual

Singapore Virtual airlines connects you to one of the largest hubs in the world: Singapore Changi! One of the world’s few 5-star rated airlines and one of the four new VAs to join SAV, they have tons of routes and a variety of aircraft in their fleet. The massive A380? Check. The 777? Check. The 787-10? Check out their thread!

Singapore Virtual Thread

South African Airways Virtual

Springboks for the win? Choose Africa. Choose South African Airways Virtual! One of the only few major airlines of Africa, they operate in South Africa at their hub in Johannesburg! Fly in their flagship 747s and A340s and explore the wonders of Africa!

South African Airways Virtual Thread

Thai Group Virtual

Do you want to find out about the wonders hidden in Asia? Want to fly to touristy places Phuket and Chiang Mai, or to a major hub at Bangkok? Thai Group Virtual gets you there with their numerous aircraft, including the new A359! Fly alongside the coasts of Thailand in the 787-8, 747, or A380!

Thai Group Virtual Thread

Turkish Airlines Virtual

Fly to the most touristy place ever… Istanbul! Luckily, Turkish Airlines Virtual’s hub is in the heart of Istanbul! They are one of the 4 new VAs to join SAV! Turkish Airlines Virtual flies to 292 destinations in 122 countries in 5 out of the 6 inhabitable continents!

Turkish Virtual Thread

United Virtual


United completes our alliance! Connecting the entire United States to Europe, Asia, Oceania, & South America, fly the dreamliners B788 and B789, or the B737, B738, and B739! If that all doesn’t suit, then try the A320s and the CRJs. United offers multiple aircraft for short-haul, medium-haul, and long-haul flights!

United Virtual Thread

If you would like to join the Star Alliance Virtual staff please contact @United2.


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If you are interested in staffing at SAV please contact @United2!

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Star Alliance Virtual Announcement:

Unfortunately, on May 31st, 2020, Star Alliance Virtual has decided to shut shop for a long-awaited restructuring. This announcement comes after several VAs left Star Alliance Virtual today due to unfortunate circumstances.

The Chairman & Deputy Chairman of Star Alliance Virtual have either resigned or been relieved of their positions. However, Star Alliance Virtual will back soon with a new rebrand along with a new operating structure.

We wish everyone the best of luck from SAV. Keep safe & fly Star Alliance around the world.


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