Star Alliance Private Charter Flight @ KLAX - 032200ZAPR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California

Airport: LAX

Time: 2200Z

Star Alliance Virtual’s first official flight operated between Air Canada Virtual Airlines, Lufthansa Virtual Airlines, and United . We will be operating flights all day between KLAX-KNUC. Feel free to join in using an Air Canada, Lufthansa, or United Airlines livery!


Which date is this?

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April 3rd! :)

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@CJLAviation please do not change the event title to simply “2” in the beginning, it needs to be “02”.

The time is not final for this event

Thank You! This was my first event so I didn’t know! :)

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The event has been changed to Sunday, April 3rd! :)

We will be flyng formation!
Make sure to add Flight Of ____ to Callsign
Make sure to use your VA’s Callsign
I will be Air Canada 001
Spawn in American CARGO
Hope to see you there!

I come with A380 Lufthansa livery
My callsign is Lufthasna 641 Super

40 minutes till event

I am currently at event

@Kevin_Bachmann already took off

Is anyone else there

I see you there @Olivier123

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