Star Alliance Event - Hurricane Matthew Winds @ KPBI - 070100ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: Southern Florida

Airport: KPBI

Time: 0100Z This is subject to change

NOTAM: Bring your planes out and battle the Category 4 hurricane winds, join the Star Alliance crew! Star Alliance airlines aircraft preferred.

Vote for airfield & server! This is just to see what you prefer, the final decision will be made by us.

  • KBCT
  • KPBI
  • KFLL
  • KMIA

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  • Training Server 1
  • Training Server 2
  • Casual Server

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Here’s a picture of the path so you can properly choose an airport.
Matthew will come back to hit the Bahamas, again.


I shall look forward to, hopefully, flying.

Anyone on the ground in real life please stay safe.


I’m ready for it

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The event will be taking place at KPBI on the Casual server. A second airport may be added.

Alright while you guys do this me and @Zachary_Meir_Tish will be stock piling supplies

Have fun. I’m near PBI, and it’s going to be a Cat 4 by tomorrow. Shutters going up soon. I’ll let you know how accurate IF winds are


I think the winds may stay just below a Cat. 4.

You guys be careful but I’m not ready for this thing and I’m directly in its path (Jacksonville)

Actually, it’s said to possibly reach Cat 5 wind speeds. Just finished putting up shutters. We’re even more direct. Palm Beach, towards the East coast

Almost wore my IF shirt putting it up. Glad I didn’t…

Look at how wrong we were.

Some were ok but others not so much

The sooner and sooner it gets to landfall, the more north west it heads

I doubt it will hit Cat. 5 winds.

#Matthew is back at Category 4

just in time …

New map uploaded.

Final map uploaded.

We got some 40kt gusts here! Time to start!

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