Star Alliance Event (@ EDDL, August 1, 2148 Zulu)

Welcome pilots to another alliance event where we just do fun activities. Today’s alliance of choice is the star alliance. Pick any airline on the following list image Come join if you want, and thank you for participating
Server: FreeFlight
Region: Amsterdam,Netherlands
Airport: EDDL (since the star alliance headquarters is located in Frankfurt, this is closet city that we got)
Aircraft: any aircraft that any airlines shown on the list has in this game.
Time start: 1:48PM PST(4:48PM EST/9:48BST)
End time: 4:40PM PST(7:40PM EST/00:40BST)
Day: Saturday August 1,2015

Activities we’ll do

  1. Landing contest at EDDL
    Land on the 2 active runways. 5 will win (if you do a parallel landing with someone and there both good, then you get 1 extra point each.)
  2. Fly in formation with friends (after an hour of landings we’ll take a 30 minute break and do it)
    Have fun if attending! :smile:
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Why on free flight there will be extra noob rule breakers maybe put it on advanced server

When in idaho

ok this is cool

Add one hour to those times for Mountain time, since Idaho is mountain time.

Did you mean PST or PDT? U.S. is currently in Daylight savings.

Pretty late for Europeans!

I have more pleasant things to do on Saturday evening ;)

I still don’t know can u just tell me

Yea, it should not be in FreeFlight

I will come my callsign is speedbird 871 heavy see you there.✈️✈️✈️✈️

I will do my best to be there

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But British airways isn’t a star alliance member. Have looked at the list of airlines in star alliance?

Well someone has already tooken ATC playground on the same day at the same region.

2:48 to 5:40

Ok I’m going to change it.

Call sign will be UNITED 1621