Star Alliance (Air Canada) Airbus A321


I came across this picture recently…


This is a picture of a Star Alliance A321 with no airline labels. It was made to conceal the new Air Canada livery. Interestingly enough the livery was covered under the Star alliance paint. I personally think this livery is simple but elegant and that it should be in IF! Tell me what you think!

Air Canada info:

Star Alliance info:

A321 info:

Photo source: airteamimages



Hey nice request but could you put Air Canada in parenthesis in the title? Looks good out of votes and don’t forget to vote for your own feature request! ;) Very well detailed too!


Thank you for the edit @JT_Playz! This is my first post so…


I would love to see this in Infinite Flight!


Same @Balloonchaser, is ACVA behind this request?


Darn, all black, no branding, that may be the sleekest livery I have seen in a wile…


Thanks for voting @KPIT!


No problem, had to steal that vote, but this is the best livery I have seen in a wile…


Don’t worry man, I really love this livery! Good luck!


I don’t know if ts just my eyes or the picture, but it looks so blatant.


Maybe. For me it looks amazing.


Haha, it does look very good though, would be nice to have another Star Alliance livery on a aircraft :)


Awesome! Would love to see more Star Alliance liveries in IF! Voted


Thank you @CR3W! We got 2 votes in 1hr. If we keep this up maybe it will be recognized just in time for the next update!


I cannot believe Air Canada is that smart to make this move


Yes they sure are! Can you vote?


I was the one who actually edited the title for you ;) (click on the pencil Icon).

It’s… interesting, as the “Star Alliance” logo hasn’t been painted on yet, neither the Air Canada logo.
I wish I had votes though, it’s a nice livery.


Thank you @Daniel_Cerritos! We need more votes!


You got my vote. That might be one of my new favortie liveries.


Thank you so much @Cbro4! Your vote is much appreciated!😁