Star airways VA

Hello Josh here from star airways I am the new owner and founder of star airways as the previous owner handed to me. As you may know I was the owner of Thomas Cook ifva but left as I had a great member leave and then handed that to @logofigure1.

Here at star airways we are changing alot of things around from recruiting to flights and even our fleet.
So basically the whole virtual airline has had a massive Vamp up and is now looking for:

A website manager
Head pilot
Flight planner
Recruitment officer

Also Here star Airways we offer a grading system which goes like this:

2nd officer
1St officer
Minor captain
Higher captain
Elder pilot

When you join there will be information about the grading system and the flights you’ll be doing and the aircraft you will be assigned on

Here at star Airways we trying to make it as realistic as possible so we order planes and once a planes been flown it stays at the arriving Airport. Most of our pilots will be assigned to 1 particular aircraft but some may have two.

The routes will be announced today at 21:00z but we will operate in the London region, the Singapore region, the South California region Sydney region. And by the way we are already prepared for Globalflight.

At the moment our Fleet is.

1x a321
4x b737-800
1x b747-8
2x b7773

All planes in unmarked or generic livery.

Website we are looking for a website manager to make a good website if your interested please pm.

If your interested in any of the roles please pm me in till website is made

Thank you Josh owner of star airways


I would love if someone wanted to run it with Me but up to you

Generic livery?


Looks like a good VA. Do you have a website?

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I don’t i am looking for a maker

Auto correct

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We are also up for alliances

Keep in mind that you have 7 aircrafts in your fleet, make your routes accordingly

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Sir, I know what I am doing

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You say your are looking for a CEO but your are the owner of the VA and the CEO is basically the owner.

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Not necessarily @_keithjames99

Can thou be the YouTuber.

What you mean by CEO is COO right?

Correct @Hankthegamer

Pm me @Bulba

callsign= SAVA***

Welcome @Bob-bland the head pilot

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What do you guys think


I suggest you join New World Alliance. It’s a brand new alliance and our website is coming soon

Can u link me with them pleas