Standing vs. Grade System

So here we will discuss which is better
standing or grade system in Live

  • Grade System
  • Standing System

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I remember when I first got Live, I did touch and goes for about two days, then I got 100 percent standing and could fly into Bravo airspace. I didn’t know half the ATC commands. I don’t think that standing is a accurate reflection of skill, but the grading system isn’t perfect either. I did like the airspace restrictions. They were a good way of filtering out bad pilots.


Yes I miss the old airspace restrictions…perhaps they could be brought back as would help to keep nimrods away from Class B airports… .


We need the standings back because grade system hurts some good flyers

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How does it hurt good pilots?

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All in your opinion. It was the better option.

defiantly my own opinion. However with the standing system in place it meant that you HAD to start at the smaller airfields and smaller aircraft so you gained experience in order to fly into larger airfields and fly larger aircraft. from that aspect it mirrored real life ops.

I cant really vote for any because I wasnt about when the old standing system was on. But tbh I would also like the airport restrictions since when you are at busy airport and some novice pilots are about it can be very frustrating… It makes ATC controllers job hard and takes the simulation out of the game when pilots dont follow instructions, taxiing on grass,…

I think some combo of both would be nice… Flying hours are important as well as understanding the ATC…

Even though I just got grade 4, I like standing better.

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