Standing Adjustments and Requirements Might Help Behavior On The Advanced Server

First of all, the standing required for the advanced server should be raised to at least 90%.

Standing should be based on certain variables. Standing can be gained by flying, doing touch and goes, etc… Standing can be lost by getting violations.

What if ghosting counted as a violation? If someone is acting up and is ghosted on the advanced server, they will get a violation and their standing will drop by a certain percent depending on how harsh the ghost was. Ex: Session ghost: 5%, 10 min ghost: 15%. 60 min ghost: 30%. It may seem harsh to take 30% standing from someone, but really how much does it take to get ghosted for an hour? It’s really only serious trolling or inappropriate callsigns/names. I think these parameters are fair. Anyone that gets a 10 min ghost or higher won’t be able to rejoin the advanced server immediately. Users ghosted for the session are basically just “warned”; given a second chance. These percentages can be changed for strategy purposes.


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Something along these lines would be helpful. Maybe 30% is harsh, but I know ‘advanced’ isn’t 5,000 XP and 50% standing, and I know the way the standing is calculated today is much too lenient and should take ghosting into account somehow.


What if the controller ghosted by mistake though? If there is a bigger penalty associated with ghosting, we will need an appeals process. Having higher requirements for the advanced server is a good idea though.


I think its a valid point

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I agree, errors happen. I wouldn’t harm someone with every single ghost for that reason, but say X number in a thirty day period.

If you have three in thirty days, standing impacted by X
If you have four, impacted by Y

the advanced server is WAY too east to get into. Yesterday I saw a member with 134 flights, 108 violations and 100% standing. I think just in general the violations need to be looked over again. It is just too easy to keep 100% standing.

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I see many that have more violations than online flights. It’s a good predictor of when I’ll need the ghost function handy.

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I think it takes about 30 minutes of just flying to raise your standing from 90 to 100%.

Definitely, the first system seemed to arbitrary to me. It needs to be flexible, ghosting during a Friday night fly in can be for mistakes that controllers normally let slide during the week. I don’t think it can be a fixed scale.

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I realise I am responding to an old Post, but I actually found it because I was looking for this exact topic.
Totally agree with the fact that bad behaviour should result in loss of standing.
But also: if you make a crap landing and your plans rotates a few times around the runway/airport, or crashes. That should also make you loose some standing. Not as much as bad behaviour, of course.
Or what about this one: any Pilot (on the Advanced Server) who receives a ‘please follow instructions’ looses 2% and anyone who gets referred to the Help pages, looses 5%.

I think this way you also push people to read the tutorials and do some good flying’…

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Yes, IF is a commercial enterprise, and yes you are paying for live. That said, so is everyone else, and they deserve a good experience. It is up to Matt and Phillipe to decide how they govern that, this conversation was just that - a conversation.

I do think standings are a bit wacky at the moment, but I would never suggest an occasional ghosting (e.g. your two) have any real impact. Someone could need to log out for a real life emergency. Stuff happens.

My issue is someone that has 300 landings, over a 1,000 violations and I know I have ghosted multiple times. All that but still has a 100% standing(or did last time I saw him.) As long as that can continue, the live experience will be challenged for those that seek to follow the rules, because others that don’t want to still have full access to everything.

Never should one ghosting, or a nominal number of violations (hell, I have 31 in my time here…I might get caught on that 250kts under 10,000ft rule a little) impact people. No one is perfect.

I agree with you Bill. Ghosting is too arbitrary and has the potential to be used in an emotional way. I think the app will need to stay focused on violations that can be detected by the app alone. That would ensure that it’s not personal, and there’s quite a few personalities on this forum and in IF!

A while back, I proposed a geographic way to detect runway incursions using the footprint of the active runway (other side of the solid line). By monitoring the timing of the communications traffic with the position of the planes relative to the footprint, there can be established a clear runway “owner”. Non-owners on the runway get fined.

But I don’t expect the developers to just get right on it, code writing and testing takes time, especially in the mobile market given the large variety of possible devices.

Perhaps serious flying errors (other than taxi speed and below 10K speed) can be more thoroughly detected by the app and punishment meted-out appropriately.

I think there should be reporting system that automatically flags a user if they are ghosted over a certain number of times in one week. Then someone can look at their information and perhaps issue a ban for a certain amount of time on the advanced server or something.

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…Bringing this thread back to life…I think the XP pointing systems could be greatly improved to encourage people to get flying the way it should be in real life by just doing a more detailed (and announced) point rate system, for example getting more points for filling flight plans, landing with low VS, appropiate velocity, switching on/off landing lights, correct ATC communication, etc
…one of the things I enjoyed the most back in the days when I was flying FS2004 it was the fact that I could get a full report on my flying/landing skills, so my aim was always to improve over the previous flight. With the current system I get a bit bored, as I am not encouraged to do “everything” properly. And adding to this, if VA´s are fully integrated with the game (as external addons or internal) this, for me, would be the next BIG thing for IF.
Needless to say that the devs are already doing a great job with IF and keep improving it every update which is awesome!

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