Standing 100% Denied Access to Advanced Server?

Repeated access attempts to establish presence on Advanced Server Denied.
Denial Flag indicates do not meet 100% Standing requirement and indicates my standing is 100%! System error? Your assistance pls.

My guess is that your standing is 99.99% which is rounded up when displayed but <100% strictly speaking
Have you tried a touch and go on playground to see if you could then access the advanced server?


Noted thanks for rapid response. Will follow you guidance and request closure if successful. Thanks

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T&G fixed it. Knew I was a 1%'er, this proves it. Thanks Pierre. Regards, Mad Max Sends
(@Swang007 … Shawn… Pls close this Topic, thanks, Max…
Disregard, Spoke to soon appears Pierre closed it, sorry for inconvenience…)

They don’t close support topics after being solved.
DonT tag the *mods unnecessarily *.

We don’t really close support topics at all anymore.

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