STANDBY Royal Air Around The World @ KLAX - 102300ZAPR16

Air Canada 2 is taken.

Is this your callsign?

RAVO12 is my callsign.

Ou you mean the parking?

Yeah sir. :D

How long du you have until you land in Ontario?

We haven’t pushback yet

Are you in klax ?

Dan and I are! :)

Do you make pushpack at 10 past?

Yes pushback is in 5 mins. We’re just waiting for 1 more pilot. If he does not come then we will pushback

Ok please park at Kont on left from me so i can take an picture
My callsign is Swiss 7 7 7 heavy
My plane is an 777-300er
Im parking at g4-1/

On g 4 - 1 2

Roger that. Please come in a generic livery! Also, please inform me or @FedoraPilot when you have spawned in.

Im already at Kont in generic 777

Pushback starting!

Ok im waiting
Happy take off

Please land on 26r at kont so i can make pictures thanks guys

Are we taking off as a group?

How you mean that?