STANDBY Royal Air Around The World @ KLAX - 102300ZAPR16

Hello Everyone, since Royal Air made their Official launch I have a event in mind that Captain Dan and Ksisky agreed on. Here is the information about the event.

"Royal Air Around The World"
April 10, 2016-2300Z
Southern California--------KLAX-KONT-KSAN-KPSP Vote Add-on=KNUC

More information about the event will be informed when the event time is closer!
Hope you guys will make it!

You do not have to be a Royal Air Pilot to attend!

Why exactly is it called “Around The World”…?


Because the event takes a flight through every popular airport in the reigon. I think we should skip KNUC as it is a military base and maybe go by way of a different airport.

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I will come in my thomascook plane and call sign

Airight hope you will make it! I will leave that as a note Huw.

Everyone that’s attending the event please go to KLAX PG now. The parking is Air Canada 1-Cargo Fedex 6…I will take Air Canada 1. If you spawned and there’s already another plane please try a different parking spot. Go to our website and check our fleet page, for you guys to know what plane we are flying…Please come in a generic livery.

On witch server is it?

PG is Playground

Thanks im coming
But i join on KONT

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My callsign will be RAVO12, in a Boeing 777-300ER.

My Callsign
Air Force 1
Im coming with 747-VC 25

Sorry have you checked our fleet page? :) To sponsor our event you must come in a aircraft that matches our fleet page, also fly n a generic livery. :D

Ok im sorry
I come in Boeing 777-300er generic
Because Swiss became the second 777 300 er this month
My callsign
Swiss 7 7 7 heavy

Okay if you like the event you can also join Royal Air, which will give us a promotion!

Ok I see you at the parking area in KONT. Are you sure you dont want to start the event with us at KLAX?

Everyone when you join please copy my FPL! :D

Please park left to me as a signal for me thank you am on gate 4-12

Okay, Roger that!

Thanks man
I parked now there
Please wait until i said thank you on frequenz ground