Standby meaning on IF

I have never had a clear definition of what stand by means in aviation. What does it mean?

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Basically if ATC tells you to standby, it means wait. Often in Infinite Flight its when they give you a wrong instruction by mistake and they tell you to 'stand by" (i.e. wait) while they program the correct instruction.


Yup as @BennyBoy_Alpha said, it basically means wait to listen for furthur instructions👍🏼


term used in radio communications asking the other person to wait for further instructions.


The same applies to Infinite Flight. If a pilot tells ATC to standby, ATC should expect further instructions (in this case, a request) from the pilot. If ATC tells a pilot to standby, the pilot should expect further instructions from the controller.

Furthermore, in addition to @BennyBoy_Alpha (who is correct), ATC will use standby if they are unsure of an instruction to send (i.e., need to determine a pattern leg, etc.) or need additional time to process something.

In essence, standby can be used in a multitude of ways, but be sure not to overuse/abuse it.

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A good example of standby is the controller change in progress.

In that command you are told to standby, in that context it can be a ‘bear with’ or ‘stay put’ while also meaning wait minute for the change. In order for you to expect something happening in the near future is usually when standby is used, for example a change of controller.

I like to think of it as standby, is to literally stand by the radio for a correction or change!

Hope this helps :)

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It means, like Hang on there for one sec

“Wait and I will call you” is the ICAO-approved interpretation of STAND BY for aviation radio telephony.

Also - just a suggestion, don’t take it the wrong way - you might want to Google such topics related to aviation (like you could simply search “Stand By Meaning In Aviation”), rather than creating a topic to ask a rather generic question like this one, on a forum related to Infinite Flight.


Does “stand by” negate a previous clearance in IF?
Or is that only for “disregard previous instruction, stand by”?

It means this…

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Also, just wanted to point something out, all descriptions above are correct, but it’s important to not overuse this command.

Let’s say you are approaching a very busy EGLL, and the Approach controller asks for your preferred approach. You don’t have to say “Stand By” and clog the frequency with an unnecessary message if you only need a couple of seconds to quickly check which runways have ILS, as an example. Only use it when you actually time to figure something out, which is a rare case in Infinite Flight.

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