"Standby" does not mean "negative"

Anyone who has come controlled on the Playground will understand this, take San Clemente as an example…

“Inbound for landing, runway 24”
Enter left downwind runway 06
“Stand by”
“XXX is on final runway 24”
Pilot continues to land on runway 24

Attention all pilots, Standby is not your magic word to deny ATC requests!! If your asked to change runways and enter the pattern then you do so! I also have screenshots of several pilots who are guilty of this but I’m not going to name names! This is so frustrating for ATC when it’s busy!


I have the exactly the same problem as you.

Hawaii- Honolulu

Aircraft: Honolulu Tower Delta 640, inbound for landing requesting runway 08L

Tower: Delta 640 Enter Right Base runway 04L, number 3 traffic to follow is on left downwind

Aircraft: Stanby Delta 640

Tower: (At this time he had flown past the runway localizer at to 08L) Delta 640 Enter right downwind runway 04L

Tower: Delta 640 Please follow instructions

Aircraft: Standby

Tower: Delta 640 Please follow instructions

Aircraft: Delta 640 is on final 08L


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I second that. On playground please use the runway you are assigned to. You might make life easy for you but it gets so much harder for controllers. Don’t keep spamming runway change requests, there is a reason why the controller wants you on that runway. Same goes for Ground Control. Please taxi to the runway you are told to, not the runway you want because it’s closer or the departue is over water. So impatient on PG I don’t understand


I’d rather not humiliate players (although I doubt most of the culprits use the forums because if they did they’d probably be more respective), but it’s frustrating that although it’s the playground there is a large number of players who break these rules

Pretty obvious but doing this is few times on the adv server = ghosted


On training server, I have also had pilots lined up behind me waiting for take off while I held short of the runway, first in line for take off, according to instructions from the tower…when the pilot behind me just decides to go bonkers, makes a turn, taxiies out and just enters the runway!

Seriously - if you don’t have time to patiently wait in line until your turn to take off comes, don’t play on live. Pilots in real world wait for as much time as required until given clearance to enter the runway!

And there is a reason it is called “Training Server” - so we all Grade 1 -> 3 can learn the proper technique to play in the advanced server.

How did you revive this…


“Revival…deniedddd. Game to the Yankees