Standard Trim settings for an MD11?

Im having a hard time when it comes to the Pitch of an MD11 especially when i disconnect the autopilot as it likes to do nose up or nose down real quick. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the appropriate trim settings for takeoff, climb, cruise, approach, & landing phases are.

Thank you in advance!

I usually use 10% when taking off all aircrafts, 20% when landing.
Bombardier CRJ: 60% on both takeoff and landing.

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From IF tutorial videos:



If you take a look at these two videos it may help you. Best of luck!


does the +50%-+60% apply for any weight setting tho?

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thanks i have watched it but im confused if the trim applies to all weights

No. General rule: More weight, more trim.
Just test on solo. Short final or approach.

Remember to re-calibrate device if you change position.


I see thank you so much sir!

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