Standard sunset

I wanna know if the sunsets/sunrises ing are just one basic one every time or if it varies between country/time/season

The graphics engine needs to know when it’s sunset to get the color right anyway, so the sunset setting also varies depending on the sunset time

I’ve saw some different ones

Sometimes they are yellow and orange, sometimes they are more pinkish and a bit purple/blue (darker than the yellow and orange)

And also, if you have strong fog the entire sky will turn pink/orange, it looks wonderful

Well what i meant is… for example if i put the sunset to 6pm on january 1st 2020 then put that same time back but in 2021 will it look the same? Meaning its just one generic sunset animation

Huh lucky u i never really get that

You can test it yourself, but yes, sunset time does change. It looks the same, but in the summer, the sun sets later, winter, earlier. It corresponds to the sunrise/sunset time in the location IRL.

No the times arent my concern just wanna know if its one generic animation

The purplish one I talked about looks like this

You can see a very subtle purple/pink next to the ground

Ohh thats just how it always look lmao😭


Sometimes I get a much brighter one with the sky really orange (the one I mentioned first)

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The more orange one looks like this
There isn’t much difference, but you can see this one doesn’t have the purple color and is slightly brighter

And this is what it looks like with fog

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