Stand Guidence&Animated jet bridge airport

About the offical blog,it mentioned about airports have stand guidence and/or animate bridges,but there are airports such as KLAS which have stand guidence but no animate bridges,and some airports just opposite. I wonder can IF be more specific about airports only contain stand guidence or others,etc. Its not a request to rewrite the blog,but the part about airport with stand guidence and/or animated jet bridge is not that clear :)

Hi! KLAS should have all moving jet bridges. Can you confirm which gate and aircraft you are at?

sorry,it could be my problem,but the point is not KLAS,its just the Blog not very clear

Gotcha. I understand your concern. If the airport has it irl and it’s been edited, it should have stand guidance.

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To put it simply, at the airports that are listed, the Stand Guidance System are only added at gates where they are actually installed in the real world. As for jet bridges, all of them should be animated at all the airports that are listed.


got it,thanks for the reply!

thanks for reply!

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