Stand guidance

So I originally thought they had stand guidance at all 3D airports but I noticed a lot of them don’t have it and the jet bridges don’t move. Is that supposed to happen and is there some way to track which ones have it and which ones don’t

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Hey, @Airplaneking08!

Adam’s post will expand on this, but, at the moment, only select airports in Infinite Flight have this feature. Whether stand guidance is added to an airport depends on if the airport has it in real life or not.

Here’s the full list

More specifically, the blog post has a list of the ones with stand guidance and moving bridges.

But even if it doesn’t have the guidance thing shouldn’t I still be able to attach the jetbridge or not? Are the jet bridges and stand guidance like a package that come together or can you have moving jet bridges without stand guidance

At KSAN there is no guidance but the gates move but when I tried it at KCLT and KJFK it said there wasn’t any jet bridges to attach
CLT and JFK have no guidance like SAN

The issue you are experiencing with the jet bridges at KCLT and KJFK are currently known and the team are rectifying, to hopefully have this resolved in a future update.

Ok so they should move but aren’t that’s good the team knows about it thanks everyone for this

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