Stand guidance systems missing in Frankfurt (EDDF)

I was flying today with a 777 from Frankfurt to London when i realized, in the beginning of the flight, that although EDDF has the ability of the connection between the jetbridge and the aircraft, there are no stand guidance systems to the docks (unlike London Heathrow for example which has this feature).

Do you also have this problem in Frankfurt, or in other airports that may have missing stand guidances?

iā€™m sure devs will fix it in the next update.

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Hello there,

The new Stand Guidance System that was introduced during the 22.1 update was added only to gates where they have it installed in the real world. It is possible that the gate that you were flying in and out of at Frankfurt did not have it in the real world, and thus, was also absent in the game.

If you do know that the gate does have the system in the real world, I will be more than willing to investigate this and have it reported internally if it is an issue.


I think They have it

EDDF Stand Guidance did not make it into this update. It is listed in the blog because it got moving Jetbridges. Pretty sure they will add Standguidance to the following stands at some point:


All airports that have stand guidance in real life will eventually have it in IF.