Stand Guidance System

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The inclusion of this system would be put to great use for those who taxi in cockpit view. It provides visual guidance to the pilots that allows them to clear obstacules and maneuver properly to stay on the centreline and reach the jetway.


They can add that in some sort of overhead panel which shows up only on cockpit view and appears when you´re close to parking, it doesn´t need a fully reworked aircraft.

Its up to the devs on how should it be implemented if this idea comes into fruition.

Not a bad idea, but we would need 3D buildings or that it is as a pop up in the screen

Perfecto idea bro. Idk how but it can be implemented in the HUD in cockpit view or HUD view.

I’d love to have this, especially as floating point is going to be fixed and we can attempt to stop exactly with the stand-taxiline just in the middle of the front gear :)

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