Stand guidance Not working In RPLL

Hi i flew into RPLL on Airbus A350 when i went into the gate the Stand Guidance is not working in terminal 2 Gate 45, Sorry for my bad english

Hey there, which gate are you parked at? (Edit: saw the gate now 🥴)

Could you please send me your replay?

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And this will help how?

I’ll want to watch how he taxied to the gate

Hey @weirdo,

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on my end at that specific gate, which leads me to the assumption that this is more of a one-time issue than an issue with the airport itself. After spawning back into that gate, does the safe dock work, or is it still disabled?

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The stand guidance at this gate works fine for me. Maybe a app restart will fix this issue.

And if that is his plane or another tc.

Same for me

I restarted the App now it says “Auto Detect E”

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Very weird indeed

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How do i send the replay?


Apologies for the inconvenience. Will message the editors to investigate.


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Issue will be fixed in 22.3. Thanks again for the report!